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What's An Anglican?

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Just the Basics

First and foremost, Anglicans are Christians. Globally, Anglicans form the third largest body of Christians in the world (around 80 million members) behind the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Origins of the Name

The name “Anglican” is traced back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Europe. The tribal name was spelled “Engles” or “Angles” and the tribe’s speech was the precursor to the English language. Their island became known as England, and their Christians were known as Anglicans. The name has nothing to do with “angels.”

Global Anglicans

As the Church of England spread throughout the world, it took on different names in different countries. This group of separate churches are known as the Anglican Communion, but the mother church is still the Church of England with the Archbishop of Canterbury as the united head of the communion.

Just as the English language spread with the British empire, so did Anglican Christianity. When Anglicans resettled in new lands, they brought their personal faith with them. Chaplains and pastors were often among their number. Additionally, many Anglicans traveled as missionaries to share the Gospel. Consequently, Anglican churches now exist all over the world in more than 165 countries. 

Anglican Worship

Anglican worship can be diverse, and it is best understood by visiting and attending a worship service. The church inherits a worship style that recognizes the supremacy of the Bible. Worship gatherings most often follow a structure found in the Book of Common Prayer. The Prayer Book, described as the Scriptures arranged for worship, provides helpful resources for everything from personal daily devotions to large public gatherings of worship. It includes prayers for every season of life.

Are You Episcopalians?

The Anglican Church in North America and The Episcopal Church share in the same expression of Christianity known as the Anglicanism. Anglicans originated in the 16th century protestant reformation in England. Though both churches in America are technically Anglican they are quite different. The Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) is a province in the Anglican tradition committed to the authority of Scripture - seeing it as inspired of God. It is His word without fault or error. Also, Anglicans hold to the historic doctrines of Christianity concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ, salvation, the workings of the Holy Spirit for today, the literal return of Christ, and all essential Christian truths. Anglicans in America hold to the historic understanding of the Christian worldview. and worship. The Episcopal Church , a church in the formal Anglican Communion, on the other hand, has moved to differing positions in these areas.

Those desiring a walk with God that is anchored in Scripture; the historic faith; and a personal, vibrant, daily experience with God will appreciate Christ our Redeemer Anglican Church.

We are in the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word

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Anglican churches in North America are part of the Anglican province known as

The Anglican Church in North America


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