A New Anglican Church In W, Henderson & the South Valley, Mtg. at 985 E. Serene Ave., Las Vegas, NV, 10AM Contact Us

Where to Find Us

As a newly forming Anglican church.

Our worship services are currently held at 985 E. Serene Ave, Las Vegas, NV. We worship at 10:00 AM.

As a newly forming church we meet throughout the week in various places - coffee shops, parks, people's homes, parking lots, and more. The times and locations vary much due to people's schedules and availability of places.

As we get to know one another, we gather with a few, or even one-on-one, to discuss the vision and our excitement about being part of a newly forming church. We talk, pray, and share in the joy of the Lord. Our vision and passion for a new church is great!

You are invited to reach out by contacting the pastor using the button below. He will follow up with you about our schedule and locations.

"Where God works in and through you!"